Google’s Android O could be “oatmeal cookie”, but could also be Oreo

Every year we get excited about which dessert could possibly be named the next version of Android. It’s honestly such a trivial piece of information that hard-core Android enthusiasts get riled up about. A new theory suggests that the next version of Android, 8.0, could be named oatmeal cookie.

The theory is strengthened by a couple of hard pieces of evidence. The first piece of evidence was found in Android’s source code as “oc-dev” which was used on several occasions, the most notable of which is the code which states that a Google Pixel devices is running the Android O Developer preview… (Source)

New video answers important question: will the Samsung Galaxy S8 fry?

You may have lived thus far while thinking that the most important question one could ask about a smartphone was “Will it blend?”. But apparently you were wrong. “Will it fry?” is much more relevant we’re told – at least in Scotland.

So what are some enterprising chaps from Glasgow to do then? Naturally, coat the Galaxy S8 in authentic Scottish chip shop batter mix, and then place it into an electric fryer (with oil preheated to 200 degrees Celsius). The phone was left in there for a total of 60 seconds, and you can see what came out in the video below, which documents the whole… (Source)

OnePlus 5 teardown exposes the phone’s innards

Maybe you’ve heard that the OnePlus 5 got official a couple of days ago? Just in case our review or the controversies surrounding its cameras, benchmark cheating, and using the same screen as its predecessor haven’t quenched your thirst for OnePlus 5-related news, we’ve got you covered.

The handset has undergone a comprehensive teardown over at MyFixGuide. The entire thing (complete with dozens of images) can be found at the Source linked below, but here’s the gist of it.

The OnePlus 5 was found to feature a solid build overall, but it apparently does have some weak spots. While its… (Source)

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