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Casio’s WSD-F10 rugged smartwatch going for as low as $312

If you are in the US, and are planning to purchase a rugged Android Wear smartwatch, here’s a deal for you: the Casio WSD-F10 is currently going for as low as $312 in the country. Specifically, Amazon has the Black/Black variant listed on its website for that price.

For comparison, the wearable carried a $500 price tag when it was launched back in March last year. Later that year, the watch was going for around $400.

Amazon is also selling other variants, but they carry higher price tags – only the Black/Red one comes closest at around $323.

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1.5 billion logged-in monthly users use YouTube

VidCon is ongoing in the Los Angeles area where YouTube announced some of its latest statistic numbers on stage. VidCon is a convention where famous YouTube stars can meet their adoring fans and YouTubers can check out the latest gear and inspiration for making videos.

YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki gave some metrics about the ongoing success and growth of YouTube. The most notable number was that YouTube has 1.5 billion active monthly logged-in users. Given that many folks may not even be logged into the YouTube, the actual number of monthly YouTube users is even higher.

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SEGA Forever Collection brings SEGA classics to Android and iOS for free

Many of US remember the classic SEGA games that we grew up with as kids. In order to keep these games relevant (and in order to keep making it money), the Japanese company is launching SEGA Forever to bring back “nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, and Dreamcast – SEGA’s last system before deciding to stop making hardware altogether.

Games will be free to play and ad-supported, though SEGA will likely provide an option to pay a subscription for no-ads. These ads would briefly play before you start playing a game. You’ll also… (Source)