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‘Destiny 2’ is 2017’s best-selling game after just one month

If you have friends who own video game consoles, chances are you heard a lot about Destiny 2 in the last month. But anecdotal evidence that the game was everywhere just got backed up by some astonishing sales figures. Just one month after launching o… (Source)


New York City Transit to start accepting NFC payments over the next few years

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) Committee has announced a new contract for the New York City Transit system to receive a technological update. This $573 million deal would hire the same company who developed the London Underground and London Commute payment system to adopt a similar payment system in 500 subway turnstiles and 600 city busses starting late-2018.

The new payment system would allow riders to pay the flat-rate fare with a contactless card, or NFC mobile payment service like Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. The full rollout of the new payment system is slated to… (Source)