Estonia is first in the EU to let cute delivery bots on sidewalks

Starship Technologies' delivery bots have been dropping off lunches in Europe and the US with increasing regularity, and governments are slowly warming to the idea. State legislatures in Virginia and Idaho recently granted official permission for sma… (Source)


Essential PH-1 will be a TELUS exclusive in Canada

It’s official – the Essential PH-1 will be a one carrier exclusive in Canada as well as the US.

The confirmation comes from the carrier itself via a tweet and its subscribers can expect pre-orders for the new smartphone to begin at the end of July.

We’re excited to announce that the new @Essential Phone will be available only from TELUS!— TELUS (@TELUS) June 15, 2017

The Essential PH-1 is a Sprint exclusive in the US where it’s “expected” to begin shipping to those who pre-ordered in the next 30… (Source)

Amazon Dash Wand lets you add items to your cart by scanning or saying their name

As if the Amazon Dash Buttons weren’t cool enough or the fact that you could just tell your Echo to buy things for you, Amazon now has a Dash Wand that lets you tell things you want or scan them before adding them to your cart.

The Dash Wand is a tiny handheld device with a microphone and a barcode scanner. When you want to purchase any of the household items, say, shampoo, you can just say “shampoo” or a particular brand name into the Dash Wand or use the barcode scanner on it to scan the barcode on the back of your shampoo bottle. Amazon will use that information to add the item to your… (Source)