Uber fires more than 20 employees for sexual harassment

For months now, Uber has been dealing with accusations that it has a rampant problem with sexual harassment amongst its employees, and today it sounds like the results of an investigation have lead to terminations. Both Bloomberg and the New York Tim…

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WhatsApp for iOS now does photo filters, albums, and reply shortcuts

Despite the fact that they’re all owned by Facebook, if you compare the frequency with which Instagram and Facebook Messenger add new features to WhatsApp, well, the latter doesn’t fare well at all. That said, today might be the day when WhatsApp starts trying to get with the times in this regard.

Its iOS app has received an update that brings three new features with it. First off, when you share four or more photos or videos they will be automatically grouped together in an album. This should make your chats look more organized, since you won’t get that view showing multiple in-line items…

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It’s official: the OnePlus 5 will be announced on June 20

A short while ago a leak indicated that June 20 could be the day of the unveiling for the much-anticipated, oft-rumored, and highly hyped OnePlus 5. And today the Chinese company itself has decided to confirm this information, officially revealing that it will announce its next flagship smartphone on that date.

It’s sent an email to its newsletter subscribers, telling them to get ready for the online event taking place on June 20. It will happen at 12 PM EDT, with an official keynote being live streamed across the internet. Following that, the company is organizing a number of pop-up…

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