Tesla ends SolarCity’s door-to-door sales pitches

Tesla is used to selling cars online, but that's not how the recently acquired SolarCity liked to roll — it preferred door-to-door sales pitches to get panels on your roof. Thankfully, you won't have anyone interrupting dinner going forward. Tesla…

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Counterclockwise: phone storage through the years

This time we decided to take you for a trip down memory lane – literally! We will recall some of the best phones throughout the years that allowed you to carry “massive” amounts of data – photos, videos, music and anything else.

We start our story in 2005 since that’s when phone storage started growing in earnest. So let us re-introduce you to the Nokia N91, which had room for as much as 8GB.

That impressive number was achieved with miniaturized computer technology – a hard drive. Yep, spinning platters and moving read heads in something that was likely to be dropped on the pavement….

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Week 17 in review: Galaxy S8 still making headlines, iPhone 8 rumors intensify

The Galaxy S8 once again occupied the news in the past week. The main reason were some issues with red tint on the display and fast-charging troubles with old charging pads. We also heard more of the refurbished Galaxy Note7 that is allegedly coming out in June.

In other news, a phone named “iPhone 8” appeared on Geekbench, but just two days later a rumor from Foxconn hinted that we might not see an anniversary iPhone at all. A KGI statement backed such info since the OLED iPhone supply might not be on schedule.

We also heard Huawei is once again the leader on the Chinese smartphone…

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