Netflix nabs ‘Archer’ team for its first animated feature

Netflix is making its animated feature film debut with the grandly titled America: The Motion Picture. According to Deadline, the original movie is an R-rated, comedic take on the founding of our country. The production team is stellar and will be le… (Source)


BlackBerry Keyone gets delayed until May or later, new BlackBerry tablet may be on the way

When TCL finally announced the BlackBerry Keyone at MWC last month, the official release time frame for the handset was said to be April. However, it now looks like the QWERTY-endowed Android smartphone might get delayed by at least one month.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the following regarding the Keyone at the company’s earnings call earlier:

The second one, that TCL announced at Mobile World Congress which is the physical keyboard on an Android, that one is not going to be slated to ship until probably the May timeframe. I think the first manufacturing production run is at the end… (Source)

OnePlus offers Dash Charge for humans on April 1

April Fools is for playing funny, harmless pranks on others. OnePlus is stepping up the game – it will hand out Dash Energy for humans as well as offering a 15% discount on a bundle of Dash Power Adapters and Dash Type-C Cables at its website.

On April 1st OnePlus will launch a campaign at various places across the globe. The company will hand out energy drinks named Dash Energy that give “a day’s power for half an hour,” hinting that its Dash Charge technology already does the same for your phone. According to OnePlus:

Dash Energy is a limited-edition energy drink that unlocks a… (Source)