Facebook tests feature similar to Snapchat Stories for Messenger

Facebook has been keen on borrowing features from Snapchat as of late and it's testing yet another one in Poland. The so-called "Messenger Day" tool allows Facebook Messenger users to share a collection of photos and videos with friends that will dis…

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India’s DGCA lifts the restrictions on Note7 in airlines

Indian governmental regulatory body Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has lifted the restrictions on the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in airlines.

The restrictions came into effect on September 9, when the DGCA issued a notice informing passengers not to turn on or charge the Note7 onboard the aircraft, and not to stow the phone in any checked-in baggage. As of today, that notice is not longer valid.

It has to be noted that the change is only for phones that are purchased after September 15 and sport the new green battery bar, indicating that the device has been replaced or…

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