The game that makes Kinect worthwhile: ‘Fru’

When Microsoft announced that it would start selling the Xbox One without the motion-sensing Kinect peripheral in June 2014, Mattia Traverso and his team at Through Games were shocked. They were in the middle of developing a Kinect-exclusive title, F… (Source)


Samsung Gear VR owners will be able to watch the Olympics in VR

For the first time ever, coverage of this year’s Olympics will be available in VR. Just one (huge) caveat: you need to own Samsung’s Gear VR and a compatible smartphone. If you do, then you’re all set to dive into around 85 hours of programming which will be available in VR. This will be made available by NBC in the United States, “on delay during the games”.

If you’re wondering exactly what you’ll be able to watch, well, here’s what’s included in the VR broadcasts: the opening and closing ceremonies, men’s basketball, gymnastics, track-and-field events, beach volleyball, boxing, diving,… (Source)

Sharp Aquos Mini is the best mini you can’t buy

Sharp loves to launch mini phones with stunningly thin bezels, but they rarely leave Japan. The new Sharp Aquos Mini has a 4.7″ screen framed in just 126 x 66 x 9mm of phone. It’s lightweight too, 120g, despite its solid IPX68 waterproofing.

The screen is a 4.7″ IGZO unit of 1080p resolution. It’s driven at double speed – 120Hz – for smoother animation and reduced blur from residual images. The screen can go the other way too and refresh at 1Hz when the phone is idling to preserve power.

The Mini has a unique notification system called Emopa, it has lights in the bottom corners of… (Source)