Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition leaked by Google

Having Google Play Editions of all popular flagships has become somewhat of a tradition. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been around for a while many fans are wondering if it will also get the GPE treatment.

Apparently, Samsung and Google are working on such edition and Google has just spilled the beans. The device popped up briefly on the Play Store among the others GPE devices.

Well, it didn't appear in its own listing, but under the Galaxy S4 name. Still, the image clearly shows the S5. A photoshopped S5 as it has both hardware and software keys at the bottom, which is not the case. But hey, it is the Galaxy S5 after all, it is on the Play Store, and someone at Google made those efforts to put it there, so this should mean something, right?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE images have appeared on Google Play, we bet the announcement should be around the corner.

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Motorola to announce a new smartphone on May 13, is it the Moto E?

Motorola will host a press event in London on May 13, and it looks like it has a new smartphone to showcase then. The invite to the event, which was revealed a few hours ago, reads: “Connect more people to the world’s information and each other, and they can do great things. Introducing the next smartphone from Motorola to make these connections happen. Made to last. Priced for all.”

The last part seems to suggest that we’re going to see the rumored Motorola Moto E. As reported earlier this month, the Moto E should be ultra-cheap, allegedly featuring a 4.3-inch 720p display, 5MP rear … (Source)

No Need to Hit Send: Mark Zuckerberg Did Not Just Reveal His Email Address



Only his close friends and business partners know his real email address, but for a moment it looked like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had accidentally revealed his personal email address during his presentation on Wednesday.

As Zuckerberg demonstrated a screen that allows users to choose which parts of their profiles they share with apps, an email address was clearly visible: “”

One eagle-eyed journalist, Mike Isaac from Recode, posted the screenshot to his Twitter account

biggest news of the day: mark zuckerberg’s email address

— ಠ_ಠ (@MikeIsaac) April 30, 2014 Read more…

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Facebook Changes Its ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ Motto



Facebook‘s mantra for developers has long been “Move Fast and Break Things.” It meant that new tools and features on the platform might not be perfect, but creation speed was key, even if there were some missteps along the way.

Now, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to be a little more careful in getting it right the first time. As a part of his keynote presentation at the F8 Developers conference on Wednesday, he announced Facebook is now embracing the motto “Move Fast With Stable Infra.”

“We used to have this famous mantra … and the idea here is that as developers, moving quickly is so important that we were even willing to tolerate a few bugs in order to do it,” Zuckerberg said. “What we realized over time is that it wasn’t helping us to move faster because we had to slow down to fix these bugs was slowing us down and not improving our speed.” Read more…

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Mean Girls and Beauty Queens: An Ode to the Real Janis Ian



Despite being the outcast in Mean Girls, Janis Ian carried a deeper meaning than the Plastics could ever fathom

She’s more widely recognized as that fictional teenager, but the real Janis Ian was a singer-songwriter who, in 1975, wrote what is perhaps the most quintessentially angst-ridden adolescent ballad. Her Grammy-winning song “At Seventeen” sums up the ‘Mean Girls’ message and the struggle of the teen years in a way that’s still relatable.

Though I didn’t know much about Tina Fey when I first saw Mean Girls 10 years ago, I knew I had stumbled upon a kindred spirit when the Burn Book revealed Janis’ last name as Ian. It was so subtle, waiting until the middle of the film to fully acknowledge the reference, but its impact was huge impact for those familiar with the singer Read more…

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